Top Places to Use Handmade Tiles in the House

Handmade tiles give a home a wonderful touch of character that is hard to dismiss. Add to this, they are more eco-friendly than machine-made tiles and can also be made from recycled materials. Since handmade tiles are available in a huge variety of options, choosing the right ones can prove to be a hassle when it comes to decorating a home.

Keep reading to find the top places where you can use hand printed ceramic tiles in your home to add that extra oomph to your living space.
Entry and Hallways
Hallways can be often dull as they are just places that can are not occupied at all times. Therefore, the possibility of neglecting this place in a home is high; using handmade tiles with an elegant design can greatly improve the feel of a hallway. Similarly, using them at entryways also enhances the feel and creates a good first impression about the household.
Kitchen backsplash
The kitchen can look way too neutral and give off an industrial vibe. The kitchen area is a hectic place and experiences the most foot traffic in the house. Therefore, this place needs to have an aesthetic appeal to create a mood of serenity. Using handmade tiles in a kitchen can enhance the look of the place, especially when it goes hand-in-hand with the flooring, cabinets and other aspects of the place. Moreover, handmade ceramic tiles are easy to clean, efficient and a good option to keep bacteria at bay.
Shower walls
Apart from bathroom floorings, handmade tiles can be used on shower walls to prevent the absorption of water. Handmade ceramic tiles are highly water repellent and can be used as an effective accessory to cover any niches that are hard to maintain. Apart from being bacteria-resistant, handmade ceramic tiles are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.


Swimming pool
Swimming pool tiles are a good option to create a pleasing space for relaxation. It not only increases the overall appeal of the place but, functionally, provides a good solution to keep the area clean and free from contamination.

Bar area
If you have a dedicated bar area within your house, using handprinted tiles can improve the mood while you chill. It gives the bar area a distinct feel and can improve the ambiance manifold.

In addition to the above places, handmade tiles can be used around fireplaces, mudrooms (where you usually store shoes and other work elements), kitchen islands, etc. to enhance the feel of the place.
Summing it up-
Many places in an Indian household get overlooked and remain dull spots because of the lack of d├ęcor ideas. Using handmade tiles can be a good option to increase the aesthetic appeal and functional characteristics of such places.

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