7 Tips to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Tiles - Handmade Tiles

Did you know that choosing the right tiles can keep your kitchen clean, hygienic and visually appealing?
To keep the place free of any damages due to household activities and maintain a good environment here are 7 tips to choose the right tiles for the perfect kitchen you could imagine.
1. Must be easy to clean
Kitchen spaces experience a lot of activity during the day and as a result, can have a lot of food waste and other messes. Therefore, easy cleaning must be an essential factor to consider for keeping the grime at bay.
The way to keep your kitchen clean is by investing in handmade tiles. Apart from maintaining regular cleaning habits, handmade tiles contribute to easy cleaning and do not stain over time. It not only enables quick cleaning but also maintains the freshness that other types of tiles usually do not possess.
2. Durability
When choosing kitchen tiles make sure that you invest in tiles that can withstand heavy foot traffic, water spills, do not absorb odors or bacteria, can endure the onslaughts from your pet’s scratching and children’s tantrums but at the same time can go with the style decor. Consider finding reliable handmade tiles manufacturers in India to add that extra glimmer of aesthetic appeal and make your kitchen a bit more individualistic in style.
3. Water Resistance
Kitchen tiles must be resilient to water absorption. Although some types of tiles are likely to absorb more water than others, it is essential to check for tiles that can repel water more than anything else. For moisture-prone areas, choosing unglazed handmade tiles with a maximum absorption rate of 0.5% is a good choice as glazed tiles have almost a maximum rate of 3% water absorption.
4. Elegant
Your kitchen needs to reflect a harmonious environment – a place where food is made with care and love. Moreover, the place must also help keep the mind calm amid the stress of kitchen activities. Using hand-painted tiles is one way to increase the appeal of the kitchen and make it appealing to the mind.
5. Budget-Friendly
Kitchen tiles can be costly. Instead of splurging on costly tiles, take into account your daily activities and purchase those kitchen tiles that are cost-effective, functional, and have a long life. Handmade ceramic tiles are the best options when it comes to choosing a budget-friendly, yet a useful option for your kitchen.
6. Easy to Replace
Make sure you go for tiles that can be replaced easily during renovation activities. Since kitchen areas experience a lot more environmental stresses, it is important to design your floor and wall tiles for easy replacement in the long run.
7. Hygiene
Handmade ceramic tiles have excellent germ-repellent properties as they absorb or retain low water and can be easily cleaned with solvents and cleaning agents. Moreover, they are quick to dry, retain their shine and promote hygiene without becoming a breeding ground for insects, rodents and germs.
There you have it – follow the above tips to get a clean and hygiene kitchen space with the best aesthetic appeal using handmade tiles

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